1. When did you first start taking pictures?

It would be impossible for me to go back and remember the exact time and place I started taking pictures. I think everyone probably loved taking pictures as kids, whether it be with the old Polaroids or our mom’s cheap 35mm Vivitars. But I do remember when I started a fascination with photography. I started a website that promoted local bands from Arkansas.
I would go to their shows, take pictures of the band, get the film developed at Wal-Mart, take them home, scan them, crop them, and finally upload them to the website. How times have changed! A friend of mine wanted me to take some “artsy” shots of her one evening. It involved making fake blood. I’ve been taking photography seriously ever since then. That was 2004. Thanks, fake blood.

2. What’s your favorite thing to shoot?

DEER! Oh, you meant with a camera? {By the way, I’ve never shot a deer. The one chance I had at shooting a deer, my step-father said, “Wait, it looks like a big buck, maybe it’s best I shoot it.” (not so)Funny thing, it was a baby deer. Oops.}
[T]o answer your question, it would without a doubt be landscapes. There’s something so rewarding about capturing nature. A lot of times, I just feel we people screw that up far too often. 

However, anytime I get a client who wants to step outside-the-box and do something a little different, my creative side lets out a huge smile. I go into creative shoots knowing that it might not turn out the way I expect and that’s part of the fun.


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